Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/13/15

It was another good week of silver fishing.  Some days fast and furious, other days we had to put our time in.   Here's Matt, Marc, and Bryon with their limit.  This is the fourth time Matt has fished silvers with me and he's always got his limit (and he's been the first to do it every time).  I told him don't tell everyone that's the way the Kenai is because not everyone does that. Anyway, great fishing, great stories, and we were all back in time for an early lunch.
Since Dan and Mary Meyer cut their vacation short, I had a couple of days off which allowed me to catch up on a number of things I've had to postpone this summer.  Namely, sleep. As a fairly rested guide I participated in Senator Lisa Murkowski's Womens Classic on Friday and Saturday.  It's always a pleasure to be part of this event.
The "swag bag" that the women get for this event is always the best. Pink rain coats, and life jackets were just a couple of things that the participants received.
This is Gina holding her first Kenai salmon.  Talk about a small world. Gina and I both attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks at the same time.  We actually had a few classes together. Neither of us has changed in over 30 years!
The ladies know how to do it up right. Moose's Loose donuts, a variety of snacks, and Orange Mimosa's were flowing freely.  By the way, that's a 6 pack of champagne on the side storage tray. Also, take a look at the rubber boots that Laurie wore (on the right). Those are a cheetah print cowgirl rubber boots.  I'll say this about the Women's Classic, for all the years I've been involved with this event, fishing has been the least important part of fishing. For them, it's all about the camaraderie on the Kenai River.
Yesterday evening I was able to take out Eric Taylor's son Colton, and Eric's cousin, John. Eric was aboard as well but unfortunately he wasn't able to catch one and decided he wouldn't be in the picture. John, you may remember from one of my reports back in July, caught a very nice king salmon.  He told me he's still shaking when he thinks about that fish.
Today, Roma and Roger were able to scratch out a limit of silvers. Always fun to put people on their first Alaska salmon. How about that hat Roma is wearing?  Classic.

Next week my fishing calendar is light.  I have a few trips, but when I'm not guiding I plan to be out there with Jane. Not sure what I'll find but ADFG says the middle of September is the peak of the second run.  Come back to this site next week to see if they're correct.

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