Monday, September 28, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/27/15

It was a cold week.  In fact, it was cold enough for me to decide to winterize three of our four cabins. But the temperatures weren't so bad to stop me from going fishing. I managed to get out a couple of times on the lower Kenai River and also spent a day fishing the middle Kenai River with my friend Boo.

Did I mention it was cold out?  Here's a photo of my truck gauge on the way to the boat launch.
A beautiful morning at Bing's Landing (middle Kenai River).
The first hour of the day, the temperatures were below freezing and the fish were not cooperating. But, after the temperature warmed up so did the action. Here's Boo with the first silver of the day.
It took me awhile to get on the silvers but I was okay with that. The rainbow trout had a tough time staying away from my gear and I ended up catching four of the biggest rainbow trout of my life.
The largest of the trout all measured between 27"-29".  This was a day I'll never forget.
All in all, the fishing was very good on this day.  We ended up releasing a few silvers and keeping five.
Besides fishing the middle Kenai River, Jane and I did get out on the lower river a couple of times this past week.  The days we were out the bite had been inconsistent.  This is a sign that we are on the backside of the second run.

So, what's going on for the week ahead? Besides pulling the dock out, Dan Meyer is coming back up and he said he wants to do some more fishing.  I guess the winterizing of my boat will have to wait a little bit longer.

See you next week.

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Dave Anderson said...

Damn, those are nice rainbows! When you heading south?