Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/10/16

In the beginning of the week the king salmon fishing was slow for me. A few boats did well, but I just couldn't seem to find any pattern at all.  I worked a lot of water. At the end of the week that all changed. Friday night the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced they would allow the use of bait on the river and bait is a difference maker. All I can say is the fishing on Saturday was EPIC. First fish of the morning, and the largest of the day, fell to Bob Laflamme.
Janet Laflamme did well too, but Bob is quick to remind her he did just a little bit better.
Todd Laflamme kept this nice fish.  He is now officially limited out for the season on the Kenai for king salmon.  I only point this out because Todd has fished with me for many years and this is the first time he has done this.
Another first on Saturday morning.  Dan Meyer has never caught a legal Kenai king with me. I can now officially cross him off of my bucket list.  Hey Dan, your first summer in retirement is looking pretty good.

Here's Chase Crawford. After releasing a king, he decided to keep this one.
Nikki, "all I do is catch big fish" Crawford continued her mastery of the Kenai king.
Gary Crawford let a small king go and when he hooked this one he decided it was a good time to end our trip.  Nice job, guys.

I usually post fish pictures chronologically and I apologize that this fish is out of sequence (kings trump reds). Earlier in the week Lisa caught this red salmon while we were bactrolling for king salmon. Now your friends can believe you when you said you caught a salmon while vacationing in Alaska.
In related fishing news, my friend Boo Kandas of Tall Tale Charters called me this week and said he had a couple of seats open for a saltwater trip in Homer. I couldn't make it but Jane and our friend Renee could. Boy, did I miss out on a terrific day.  Jane is pictured above with a huge yellow eye rock fish.
Here she is with the big halibut for the day.
And, Renee had the honor of catching the largest ling cod on the trip. Way to go ladies!

On to the forecast for the week ahead. The red salmon fishing has been steady this past week and I expect it to get better.  As far as king salmon fishing is concerned, I think we'll have moments of good fishing during every day, but not steady all day. This is because we are dependent on what fish are coming up with the tides. We're just not at the stage of the run where king salmon are pooling up in the holes (I'm not sure I should call that a forecast or not because that actually sounds like king fishing in general....patiently waiting for a monster bite!).

See you next week.

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How big is that first salmon?

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Nice job Keith and Jane looks like the fishing is great up there!!!!

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Nice!! Way to go Jane!