Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/3/16

Happy 4th of July, America! I was coming out of the creek the other morning and thought these eagles would make the perfect photo to commemorate the birth of our nation. My only regret is I wish I had a better camera. Well, I do have another regret. I wish the bottom eagle would have turned it's head to the camera when I said "cheese". Must be lactose intolerant.
So, it's happening.  On July 1st the Kenai slot limit expired and the river opened up to retention of king salmon of any size.  Nancy started the month with this fish.  It was the largest of her life.
The next day, Mei landed this salmon.  It too was the largest of his life.  I wouldn't exactly say catching two fish the first two days was red hot fishing.  But, I did receive perhaps the best compliment ever in my guiding career.  At the end of our trip Alex said to me, "this is the most fun I've had in a boat when I didn't catch a fish."  I immediately thought of what my Kenai River mentor Jeff King told me years ago.  He imparted this wisdom on to me.  Guiding is what happens when you don't catch fish. I hope I've been making it fun, but it was nice to hear someone say that out loud.

I ended the week fishing this motley group.  Actually, these are some of my closest friends in the world.  That's Bob "Dean-O", and Janet in the back of the boat.  That's Renee and Todd in the front of the boat.

Renee is my second favorite 4th grade teacher.  My favorite is my actual 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Ylinen.  You really get to know a teacher well when you have her for three years....anyway, I digress. Renee takes the honor of big fish of the week.

And Todd places second in the big fish of the week category.  Thanks guys for making it fun in the boat, especially you Dean-O and Janet.  I hope to have a few fish photos of you two holding fish later this month....

The week ahead I expect the size of the kings to improve. The transition from the early run to the late run usually has smaller fish in the mix.  It's just a matter of time before the late run will be underway and the average size will improve greatly. I also believe red salmon fishing will be getting better.  I few guide friends of mine have been fishing for reds and have had success. They've been getting any where from 4-8 reds in a full day of targeting them.  It is still early for reds but it's a good sign that they're starting to arrive.

See you next week.

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Dave Anderson said...

That boat pictures leaves me feeling that I am right in there with you!