Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/17/16

Lots of fishing, lots of catching, lots of releasing, lots of sun, and of course, lots of fun. Just a whole lotta lotsa's last week.

Greg, pictured above, released several kings on our trip.  The highlight had to be this one. It's a great photo but it doesn't do justice to the length of the fish.  It was all of 50".
After releasing multiple kings, Louie and John decided to keep these two. John will be coming back in August to fish the Kenai. I told him he better rest his arms after this week because he'll need all the strength he can muster to reel in all those pinks and silvers.
The next day Louie and John fished with Terry and Lorrel.  Several kings were released but by noon everyone decided that they had enough and wanted to bank fish for reds on their own.
Nothing like a first troll of the morning Kenai king. Edie sure knows how to pose with a fish.
Here's Maddie with a king that met her expectations. It should be noted that it wasn't as cold as it looks in this photo. Maddie is from southern Texas and she hadn't adjusted to our 70 degree temperatures.
My old buddy Tony brought his daughters down to fish Saturday morning.  Sydney had a big king on early in the day but we lost it after a 5 minute fight.  Soon after, she caught this fish and dedided it was more than enough fish for her.

A couple of trolls later her sister Chelsea hooked into what may have been Moby King.  This fish had a head of steam and ran staight up the river. I tried to spin the boat around to avoid a disaster but unfortunately the fish and my fishing rod got caught in the prop. The line didn't snap but it was hung up long enough with no give that the hook eventual tore out of the fish. It sure would have been nice to see how big that fish really was.

A little bit later in the morning Chelsea caught this salmon and decided it was good enough to end her day of fishing.
I ended the week fishing with Lane and Jerry. Lane, on the left, has fished the Kenai for 23 years and I am proud to say I put him on his first Kenai king.  Equally impressive was the fish that his 86 year old father-in-law reeled into the boat.  20 minutes into our first troll of the afternoon and a 20 minute fight later, he eased this 41" king into the net. He said it definitely had more fight than the walleyes he's caught at Lake of the Woods.

It was hard to top last week, but if history repeats itself, we will be coming into the peak of the king and red run. I've got a lot of people this week that I really enjoy fishing with and I hope the bite will continue.

Come back next week to see if it did.

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