Sunday, November 26, 2017

2018 UCI Sockeye Salmon Forecast

Just before Thanksgiving, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) released its 2018 forecast for the sockeye salmon return to Upper Cook Inlet (UCI). Although the projection of 4.6 million sockeye is slightly better than last year, it is still below the recent 20 year average. Details of the forecast can be found here.

Based on the ADFG forecast, my advice to anyone coming to Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service to pursue sockeye salmon is to be patient. There will be times that the fishing will be outstanding, but most likely you'll have to put your time in to catch your limit. I've seen this pattern over the last few years when the projection has been below average. Small schools of reds will enter the river from mid July until mid August on a daily basis, and with some tides there are more fish, and on others, not so much. Timing and location will be the key to fishing success. As a comparison, how this is different from an above average run is on those years there will be a steady stream of fish all day long for several days in a row.

The next forecast for UCI that I'll be patiently waiting for will be for the early and late king salmon run. The way the trend has been going, my guess is we will have a good run. I'll post that information when it becomes available.

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