Sunday, November 5, 2017

Changes for 2018

Some of you may have noticed this past summer I made a change on the website about how I run my guiding business. I'd been struggling with this decision for several years, but now is the time in my career to make the move. I now have joined the ranks of Kenai River guides that only offer full day king salmon fishing trips. A full day trip on the Kenai River is between eight and ten hours.

The reasons behind this decision are:
  • Higher percentage of catching (and/or releasing) a king salmon of a lifetime.
  • Easier on the resource. Instead of potentially eight kings retained a day in my boat, only four could be.
  • Less frantic, more leisurely day on the water. Time for bathroom, coffee, or lunch breaks at the cabins. Fishing is suppose to be fun, right?
  • Less pressure to keep the first king caught. Encourages more catch and release fishing.
  • Will be able to fish two tide cycles per trip. Tide changes are key component of fishing success.
  • Groups that have booked the whole boat will have the possibility of fishing for red salmon while on a king trip. This opportunity will only come into play from mid July to the end of July.
  • Easier on me. I'm getting older and the 13-16 hour days are taking a toll. A rested guide is a happy guide!

The new pricing is as follows:
  • Up until June 10th, a full day king trip is $175. 
  • From June 11th until July 31st, a full day king trip is $275 (a decrease of $20).

I've been fishing more and more full day trips over the years and I've often asked why a full day was booked and not a half day. The full day client would say, "I've come all this way to Alaska, why would I fish for only five hours?"  It makes sense, especially to a fisherman. I know a few of my annual clients prefer half day trips and it's because they want to do other things during the day. To you, I apologize. Well, I guess it doesn't mean you won't be able to fish a half day on the Kenai. It just means you won't be able to fish a half day with me at the half day rate. 

Remember, these changes only affect May thru July. My guiding schedule and rates for August-October have not changed. 

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Anonymous said...

Sweet. You're saving me $80. Now I can tip you. Hahahahahaha!