Sunday, January 21, 2018

Smoking Salmon, A Twist On An Old Recipe

The big smoker. It can handle 10 salmon at a time.
I've been smoking salmon for decades, and quite frankly, I don't appreciate it like I use to. Sure, it's hard to beat when it's hot out of the smoker, but after that I really don't eat much of it. Maybe it's a case of too much of a good thing.

The little "Big Chief" smoker. 
That all changed last October when I experimented with the brine I've been using for over thirty years.

Perfect size to smoke 1-2 salmon at a time.

My basic brine recipe can be found here. The new twist happens in the last hour of smoking and all you do is add two simple ingredients: honey and cracked black pepper. With an hour to go, take your fillets out of the smoker and liberally brush honey over them. Next, use fresh, cracked black pepper and sprinkle on a healthy dose. Put the fish back in the smoker and in an hour they will be done. Deeleesh.
I, once again, have become a fan of smoked salmon.

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