Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/19/18

Other than fighting a monster head cold the past few days, it was another great week to be on the Kenai. It started on my day off when Gary, and his son Justin, happened to be at the cabins with nothing on their schedule. Mid morning we jumped in the boat and it didn't take Gary long to shake off the rust from the last time he was here.
And it didn't take Justin long to find his groove as well. Nice fish, and nice beard!
The next day I had Team Texas in the boat. From left to right is Steve, Cindy, Chuck, and Terry. Do you think they had any fun?
Here's Team Patton, Rick, Ryan, Philip, and Steve, with their morning catch. It's always fun to be on the water with repeat customers. I look forward to the next time we do it again.
Gary's brother John made a long overdue return trip to Alaska. Catching fish on the Kenai is a little like riding a bike...
It was nice to meet John's daughter, Kelsey. She was all smiles all week: on the water, off the water, it didn't matter. As the old saying goes, "attitude is everything" and she definitely has the right one. 
Here's John, from the same town I grew up in in Minnesota. We never met until this trip, but we quickly found out we have many mutual friends.  Heck, turns out I bought two boats from his cousin, and I use to buy my bait and tackle from his uncle. Small world.
John brought his 8 year old son, Aidan, on the trip. The kid is a natural fisherman but that doesn't surprise me in the least. He comes from a family with a rich tradition of fishing and hunting. Father/son moments like this always tug at my heart strings. Good on ya, dad!
Team TX spent a second day on the river with me. Just in case you can't count the fish, you can count their fingers. Either it's hook 'em horns, or they got to tell you how many fish they caught....gotta love the Texans and their expressive hands.
I finished the week fishing with my neighbor Nancy, and her sister Laurie, who is visiting from Colorado. The morning started out hot, but that elusive last fish of the trip didn't cooperate until after lunch. However, the wait was definitely worth it. Nancy took home the big fish honors for the day.
Here's Nancy and Laurie posing with their silver limit.

My forecast for the week ahead is that we should see less pink salmon action, but the same amount of silver salmon action. I base this prediction on the last couple of days the amount of pink salmon in the lower 10 miles of the river has definitely tapered off. If my clients want to pursue pinks, they're still around, but the quality is deteriorating every day. Such is the life of a pacific salmon.

See you next week with a fresh and new report.

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