Sunday, August 26, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/26/18

I know they say there's gold at the end of a rainbow, but I really think it's silver. Wow! It was another great week to be on the Kenai River.
Jane and I started the week off fishing with our friends from Brainerd, MN, Chuck and Julie. Two ladies in the boat and a healthy run of salmon were the recipe for a quick limit of silvers.
The next day it was Dave, Chuck, and Mark finding fish as well.
If you've followed my fishing blog since I started it, you'll recognize these guys. From left to right is Jo Ray, Steve, and Gary. The morning started out real slow. After being fishless for the first three hours, I told these guys they need to go to Louie's restaurant to have a hot breakfast. That was the break we needed. When we came back out in the afternoon, we found these fish willing to bite. 
The next day couldn't have been a better weather day for August. In front is Steve and Terry. Standing behind is "Grand Slam" Chuck and Trip. Chuck, who is a Beaver Creek regular, earned the nickname "Grand Slam" because he caught all four species of salmon in the Kenai on the same day. That, is a rare feat. Very rare.
We were back to normal, wet August weather and fishing the next day. That's Jo Ray (expressive Texas hands), Trip, Terry, and Chuck.
I finished up the week fishing with the Beaver Creek Cabins All Stars. That's Steve, Will, Gary, and Jo Ray "The Closer".  I've spent a lot of time with these guys, on and off the water, and it never gets old (I'd throw Grand Slam Chuck into the All Star mix, but unfortunately, I only fish four people at a time). 
Fish Whisperer Will
Hard to say what the week ahead will bring. The leaves are changing, fireweed are dropping their petals, it's getting darker, and the water levels are starting to drop. These are all signs that we could be transitioning from the first run of silver salmon into the second run of silver salmon (transitioning is a code word for the bite slowing down). Will it be this week? Come back seven days from now to find out if the fish are still cooperating.

See you then.

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