Friday, August 31, 2018

Fishing Report: End of August

It's always sad for me to say good bye to August on an even year. It means two things to me, 1) the pink salmon run is over on the lower Kenai River, and 2) Gary Blinn and his entourage will be leaving and won't be back for two years. 
How did the past week go? The fishing is starting to slow down, but it's still been very good. We started the week fishing a typical, wet August morning. From left to right is Vic, Jim, Steve, Jared, Joey, Donald, and John. Nobody seemed to mind the weather when the action was steady.
Better weather and eager fish greeted us the next day. That's John, Gary, Steve, and Donald.
We finished the month off with one of the windest days I can remember on the Kenai. These guys were suppose to be fishing on the ocean, but their trip was cancelled (imagine that). I happened to be open and this was their Plan B for the day. Not a bad way to end August. That's Steve "Money" Morris on the left, Gary, Jeremy, and Jared. I gave Steve the nickname "Money" because he limited out every single time he was on the Kenai River. Money, simply Money...
I'm going to finish this report by personally thanking Gary Blinn for everything he does for Beaver Creek Cabins and Guide Service. From organizing everything (I mean everything) for his group for three weeks, to the wonderful people he's introduced Jane and I to, we are very lucky and fortunate to call him our friend. 2020 can't come soon enough.....

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!  See you next week for the first report of September silver fishing on the Kenai River.

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