Sunday, September 9, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/9/18

Two words describe the fishing action this past week; steady, and quality. We caught multiple fish every day, but never had fast fishing. It was just steady. And, what we caught was large, very large. I've really been impressed with the overall size of the silver salmon run this year.

I started my week off fishing with Leslie and Greg. It was a pleasure to be in the boat with you two. Their love of the outdoors coupled with their positive attitudes sure made my day easy. They asked a lot of questions about king salmon fishing in May. I hope to see you guys then. 
The next day, I fished with Bob, Suzanne, Cathy, and Jerry (one third of the famous French brothers). The 37 degree morning was a bit chilly for the Tennessian's, but by mid morning the cold was quickly replaced with sunshine and warmth. Although we didn't "knock it out of the park", these fish certainly filled up a fish box for them. If you come again in September, remember to wear twice as much clothing as you think you should.....there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!
I had an afternoon trip the next day and the weather couldn't have been better for September. That's Dan and Rod standing behind their limit of silvers. Who said silvers won't bite on a bluebird day?
Since it worked so well the day before, I decided to stick to the afternoon schedule. Although not as successful as the day before, the results were not bad. That's Rod, Joe, and Tom.
Tom, who is my brother-in-law, deserves a separate photo of his fish. This 18lb silver salmon is perhaps the largest silver ever caught in my boat. Good on ya, Tom, now you have family bragging rights (although Heidi can still say she's caught the most). 
Our third straight day of fishing in the afternoon was our least productive. Oh, we had our chances, but only three of them found their way to the net. That's Dan, Rod, and Joe posing with their catch.
I ended the week by getting out in the morning once again. The first hour or two saw the most action. That's Gary and Nicky kneeling in the front, and Chris and Amanda standing in the back. Definitely a quality day, and by quality I mean both people and fish.
Here's another reason why I like to fish for silver salmon in September. It's the time of year that things are starting to slow down a bit at the cabins, and I get to spend time on the water with Jane. She doesn't want to admit it, but she's pretty good and catching fish.

The week ahead is when the fish biologist say the peak of the second run should occur. Come back next week to see what Mother Nature has to say about their forecasts/predictions.

See you then.

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