Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/23/18

High water, due to a glacier dam burst at Skilak Lake, coupled with low fish numbers made for long days on the river. Sure, we found fish (except for a brief afternoon trip), but it was often hours between bites.

I started the week fishing Vernon, Remington, and Rick. Their real purpose for coming to Alaska was to do a remote black bear hunt. Lucky for me, just like three years ago, they were able to work in a fishing trip. Hey guys, it was great to talk about fishing, hunting, and all things Texas.

That trip was followed by a fun day on the water with Mary and Nancy. Jane, and neighbor Mary, were also on board too, but ducked out during this photo.

I ended the week fishing with Susan and Jim. We tried and tried to get the last fish to bite for Susan, but unfortunately we couldn't get it done. Oh well, even though you were short a fish you'll still have a nice pile of fillets to take back with you to Hawaii.

Of course, I couldn't post a fall fishing report without a photo of Jane. Her goal on this day was to catch enough fish for the canner. As you can see, she easily reached it.

Next week I have a handful of trips and sadly that will be it for the year. I know the water levels will be dropping, but I'm hoping the salmon numbers will start increasing. Come back next week to see if they did.

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