Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/16/18

It really didn't feel like the second run hit it's peak last week. We caught fish everyday, but it took quite a bit of effort. It seemed like everyone was happy with their time on the water, but I truly expected a more sustained bite throughout the day. I guess the fish didn't get the memo that it's their time to come back to where they were born. Anyway, thanks everyone who fished with me. I really enjoyed the fishing and conversations.
On Tuesday Joe, Rollo, and Mike caught these silver salmon. 

On Wednesday Rollo and Mike caught these.
On Thursday, Mike, Rollo, Brittany, and Nick brought these nice silvers to the dock.
On Friday, it was Walter, Susan, Nick, and Brittany with this catch.
Saturday saw the most action of the week. That's Paul, Gayle, Nick and Brittany posing with their haul.
And on Sunday James, Katrina, Chase, and Gary each brought a fish to the boat. That was their goal and I was happy to help them reach it.
Thought I'd finish this post with a photo of our fall colors. We just finished perhaps two weeks of the finest September weather ever in Southcentral Alaska. Highs near 70 and barely a cloud in the sky. However, it all changed today and we're back to a normal rainy weather pattern. Maybe the rain will help bring in the silvers. Maybe not. Come back next week to find out if it did.

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Anonymous said...

Sure looks like you guys caught a lot of fish, peak or not. Hope to get up their and see you guys again soon.