Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/14/19

We caught king salmon everyday this past week. Some were kept, some were let go, but overall, we really had to put our time to find a fish or two.

So that's John and Linda pictured above. John hit the trifecta of fishing: first fish, biggest fish, and the most fish ever. Glad to be a part of that, John.
The next day I had the pleasure of fishing the Vastila family. Here's Zane with his catch.
His son Talan quickly followed dad with his own king salmon. Notice how much clothing he’s wearing. I’m happy to report our temperatures are back to normal. 
What was interesting about the next two days of fishing is that we caught king salmon on the first trolls of the day. Since we had all day to fish, both Mike and Todd decided to let their fish go (once a king salmon is retained on the Kenai, you have to stop fishing). They said they were here to fish and that's what they wanted to do. The fish above is the one Mike caught.
This is Todd's fish. I wish we could have found more of them, but it is what it is.
I finished the week by fishing the Lawlis family. What a great bunch of guys. Fishing was difficult, but Parker managed to find this fish near quitting time. It’s always great to end my week on such a positive note. 

The week ahead will be a very difficult time for Fish and Game. Our king salmon run is tracking near the bottom of the escapement goal, and a tough decision about further restricting the fishery may be warranted. I'm crossing my fingers that the sonar counts improve.

See you next week for a new fishing report.

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Man what a difference in just 10 days.