Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/21/19

It was a tough week of king fishing. A lot of hours for not a lot of fish. I think the fish didn’t get the memo that this is the peak time for the run. Sure, we caught a few fish, but the amount of effort given did not produce the results I've become accustom to.

On to the good stuff. How about that mother/son photo? That’s Lance on the left, and Kris on the right. These fish were caught on Thursday. Here's a little backstory. Lance sat for two days in the boat without a bite. On the third day, he decided to go golfing in the morning with his aunt Teresa. He shot an 89 and nearly had a hole in one. He then came out fishing in the afternoon and caught this 40lb king. To quote Lance, "it was a good day."  It got a little bit better when his mother followed up with her second king.
I normally post photos chronologically, but the mother/son photo was too good not to have it on top. The fish above Kris caught on Super Tuesday. I was really hoping that would foreshadow the week ahead, but.....
How's this for luck? John Zemke ended up with the Charlie Brown Award.  "I caught a salmon! I caught a trout! I caught a rock...." Yup, that's right. John was able to hook and land this rock. It was his only bite for the week. Good grief.
The other big catch for the week was towing a disabled boat back to the dock. I figured being a Good Samaritan would produce good fishing karma for the rest of the day. Nope. Not a single bite afterwards.
Here’s the rest of the Zemke/Rosenquist clan. In the front are John and Teresa. In the back are Libby and Dennis. We joked about participation awards after four days of limited action. All I can say is you guys get it, and I can’t thank you enough for your attitude and patience (the camaraderie was great too!). 
I finished the week by fishing Jason, Katie, Dylan, and Tyler. That's Jason with the one and only fish and bite for the day.  You guys should also be commended for your patience. Fishing was tough.
It’s not all gloom and doom because the sun will come out tomorrow. Even though I can not guide for kings on a Sunday, I plan to hit the banks with an old friend to fish for red salmon. From what I’m observing from the boat, the red fishing has been steady. The run is coming in much stronger than last year and that’s a good thing.

See you next week for another up to date Kenai fishing report.

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