Saturday, July 6, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/7/19

Baked Alaska.

High temperatures, high water, and high amounts of floating debris did not make for ideal fishing conditions this past week. If the fishing was good, you know I'd start this blogpost off with a fish photo...

I am not good with hot temperatures. The only time I felt worse on the Fourth of July was when I ate two pillowy sticks of cotton candy chased by a large cherry snow cone. An eight year old should not eat that much sugar in a span of 15 minutes.
I’m not the only one having difficulty with the heat.
Moose are coping by hanging out in the shade and taking a swim. Can’t blame them at all.
Enough about the weather and on to the fishing report.

My report can be summed up like this: fishing good, catching bad. A few boats caught some fish, but overall it was very quiet. My day with Richard, Mary Anne, Faith, Abel, and Pauline saw our best opportunities to land a fish. We had two fish on for several minutes, but both fish won the fight and got off. Dang.
Here’s Ray, Lydia, Devin, and Julianne making the best out of the day. Sure, they would have liked to catch a fish, but the river experience still made this a successful day. Thanks guys, for your patience and your high fishing IQ’s.  

An interesting observation about the two photos above. With the temperatures in the 80’s, one group wore long sleeve shirts and pants. The other group wore shorts and were shirtless. Can you guess who’s from El Paso, Texas, and who’s from Alaska?
What a treat. Kevin Aiona, and his wife Janet brought us a cooler full of Wisconsin sweet corn. I’ve fished with Kevin in the past and he remembers our conversation about not always finding good vegetables in Alaska (one big exception are our carrots, simply amazing). Thanks guys, it’s truly appreciated.

On to the forecast. I’m not sure what to think of the week ahead. The king and red salmon run should be building, but a high pressure system is parked over Southcentral Alaska and that means it will continue to be hot (by my standards). All I know is I’ll be giving it a hundred percent and we’ll see if the fish will cooperate.

Come back next week to see how we do, and how much sunscreen I’ll go through...

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