Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/14/16

This past week the pink salmon fishing has been hot and the silver salmon fishing is picking up. Yeah!

Pictured above is Travis, his son Trenton, John, father and grandfather of the two, and Eric, my neighbor. Not a bad way to start off the week.
The next two days I fished John, Travis, and Trenton again. We caught a ton of pinks over the two days, but only managed to land 4 silvers. Thanks for coming back a second time this season John, and I look forward to our days together in 2017.
On Saturday I had a late morning trip with John, Sham, and Gary. The afternoon tide had the right amount of silvers and we were able to limit out in a couple of hours. That was good because the boys were starting to run out of beer.
Sunday was the beginning of "Gary Blinn Week #1". We caught one silver early on this day and missed several before we switched over to casting for pinks. After getting worn out reeling in a bunch of pinks, we switched over to the more sedentary technique of sitting on anchor and focused our efforts on catching silver salmon. It paid off. It didn't take six year old Bella long to catch this silver. 

And her 5 year old brother, Sebastien, wasn't going to let his sister out do him.

In all, we brought 5 silvers to the boat (and kept a couple of bright pinks).  Great job Grandpa Voulker, son-in-law Jeff, granddaughter Bella, and grandson Sebastien. You're attitudes were infectious. 

For the week ahead, I'll be fishing more of the "Gary Blinn Week #1" crew.  If the silver fishing isn't consistent you know we'll be chucking spinners and spoons to catch those pinks. 

See you next week.

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Anonymous said...

So nice to see children out fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Way to go Kenai Keith.