Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/27/16

 It's not all about the fishing during the three weeks of Blinn. One of the non fishing highlights is when Gary puts together "Seafood Night." Gary will grill salmon, make a pot of smoked salmon chowder, and cook up to 20-40 pounds of king crab. The evening is topped off with Gary's homemade dump cake and vanilla ice cream. Definitely not a night to be counting calories.
On to the weekly fishing report...

Sunday was the first day of Blinn week number two. The river was kind to these guys. From left to right is Jeff, Eric, John, and Jason

On Monday, Gary joined Jane and I for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Jane caught a silver and so did Gary (none for me). Here's Gary holding one of the largest silvers caught this week. 

Tuesday the fishing was spotty for silvers but we managed to get these. From left to right are Jimmy, Jack, Adam, and Ernie. 

Wednesday was the toughest day for my boat. We lost a few but only managed to catch a couple of silvers. Here's Logan with the only photo taken. I felt awful about our lack of silver production so we ended the day casting for pinks. It's always nice to have that option when the silvers aren't cooperating. 

Thursday we got our mojo back and there were plenty of silvers for all. Here's Steve, Wally, Jason, and Caleb. Steve Morris is on the left. He's one of the old guard who came to Alaska a few days before Blinn week number three officially begins. It should be noted that Steve has achieved the Kenai grand slam. He has already caught a pink, a silver, a red, and a king salmon. Not many can make this claim and he still has a week of fishing to go. 

Friday was a very short day on the water for me. Not because we got an early limit, but because everyone staying at the cabins had to fly out that afternoon or evening. Gary started out the morning with a silver. About an hour later he hooks another one and as he was reeling in Joey said he had one too. A double! What a great way to end Blinn week number two. 

Tomorrow is the start of Blinn week number three. This is the week I've been looking forward to all year. This is because these are the guys who've been coming to the Kenai with Gary the longest. It doesn't matter if the fishing is good, bad, indifferent, we're all going to have a great time on and off the water. 

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