Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/7/16

The pink salmon fishing has been hot. Silver fishing....not so much.

Alec Laflamme, pictured above, has caught a lot of fish with me over the years. In fact, as a fourteen year old he caught the largest king salmon ever in my boat. However, this past July he was on a king trip with me during the peak of the run and everybody in the boat caught a king that day but Alec. A week after the king season closed his dad, grandma, and grandpa were booked for a couple of days of fishing and Alec decided to join up with them. After catching multiple pinks and this silver, he proudly announced, "the streak is over!"  I'm glad it is too.

There's grandma Janet on the left fighting a pink while Alec, and his dad, Todd look on.
Grandpa Dean-O was wore out from reeling in pinks on Saturday so he decided to stay out of the rain and let us fish Sunday morning.  How could we not have good luck with a send off like that? Dean-O, Janet, thanks for the good times this summer (I hate to see it end) and I'll see you down the road. Safe travels to the both of you.
Here's a great family photo. From left to right is Patricia, Rains, Georgia, and John. We started fishing at noon and the first fish to the boat was a silver. I thought we would be on the silvers for the whole day, but that wasn't the case. We did, however, catch pink after pink after pink. They are beautiful this year. They're big, bright, and are putting up a tremendous fight.
Here was another successful day on the water. From left to right is Mike, Bob, and Harold. Mike "The Fish Whisperer" is Harold's twelve year old grandson and Bob just happened to be in the area and gave us a call (not related to the other two). The first fish of the day was a silver and I thought, "here we go!" Well, that was the one and only silver of the trip. After catching nearly fifty pinks and one red salmon, it was time to call it a day.

The forecast: the week ahead will certainly see us catching plenty of pinks. I'm a little less certain about the silver salmon. We'll hit it hard and let you know how it goes.

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