Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/20/16

I'm changing up my fishing report. I usually post on Sunday's but since the Gary Blinn group is here for three weeks it works better if I do it on a Saturday.  How did the week go?  Well, the river, the saltwater fishing, and fly out trips have been a bit difficult for silver salmon. On the river, we've had up to five boats fishing and only a few times have boats been able to limit out. Individuals have been catching their limit, but on most days the boat hasn't filled out. Oh well, at least we have pink salmon as an alternative when the bite is slow for silver salmon.

Tracy is pictured above with a silver that hit before we could get all of our lines in.  He got his second one fifteen minutes later. It would have been nice if the rest of the day was like that but we only managed to get two more. We ended the day catching pinks and said "uncle" when our arms got tired.
Brandon has the award for the most exciting fight of the week.  At one point this fish ran at least five feet out of the water and up on the gravel bank before it found our net. This is what makes a silver salmon a silver salmon. 
Here's Volker, his daughter Kirsten, and granddaughter Bella proudly posing with the days catch (truth test: not all of these fish were from our boat).
How could you not like this trooper? Five year old Sebastien fished the river three days, the saltwater one day, and also did a fly in trip. Here he is catching a nap in the rain before the silver bite started to happen.
Here's Sebastien's dad Jeff with a nice silver.
Here's a scrappy silver that found Ben's line.  
Terry caught this quick limit before seven o'clock. It's hard to put your fishing rod away for the day, but when you retain two silver salmon on the Kenai River in August, you have have to stop fishing. Terry said he could think of worse things to do then sit on a boat on such a gorgeous river.
Here's the Grand Poobah, Gary Blinn, holding two silver salmon caught in the afternoon on an incoming tide. 

Tomorrow is the start of Blinn Week #2. I'm hoping the run of silver salmon is just late and not indicative of a weak run. If we're not catching all of our silver salmon you know we'll be out catching a bunch of pink salmon. What a great Plan B.

See you next week for a new report.

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