Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/11/19

We spent more time this past week out of the boat than in the boat. That's because the red salmon fishing has been that good. We tried to find a few silvers, and we did, but the generous limit and action with red salmon was too hard to resist.
Here's Kris, John, Nate, and Del. We spent the first two hours of our day trying to catch silvers and found only one. We spent the next two hours fishing red salmon and caught twenty three.
It's been awhile since I last saw Orrin. He brought his buddy Tim along and before lunch they had their limit.
Taylor and Kris were in Alaska for their honeymoon, and the last thing they did before flying back to Wisconsin was fish on the Kenai. We targeted silvers first thing in the morning and Taylor found this one.
It was slow going in the boat, so we put on our waders and started flipping for red salmon. The action was steady.
If you read last week's report, you know I haven't been able to fish with Jane as much as I'd like. Well, we had an open afternoon, and I brought her and Kate out. Glad I did.
A great week of fishing ended with the Marlatt family. From left to right are Alyssa, Anders, Mike, Alex, and Meghan. Mike, and his wife Pam, fished with me two years ago during an incredible king salmon run. This year they wanted to try silvers (or reds, or whatever was in the river) and brought their daughters and sons in law with. It was fun, fun, fun...

Thoughts about the week ahead. I really don't know how long this fantastic run of red salmon will continue. I hope it's just long enough for a big ball of silver salmon to find their way into the river. I have some old friends coming in this week and I really don't want to tell them, "you should've been here last week..."

See you next week for a new report.

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