Sunday, August 4, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/4/19

I was reminded by Jane that she didn’t get out fishing last year for red salmon. That was enough of a hint for me to find time to right this wrong. How's this for timing? A big school of red salmon moved through the lower river when we were out. It took less than an hour to catch our limit.

Speaking of timing, if you notice, they’re are no photos of king salmon this week. The final day of the season ended with a thud. Thanks Jim, Colin, and Michael for your patience in the boat. We tried hard and fished a lot of water but the mighty king proved to be elusive. To quote Jim, "you can't catch what's not here..."  Sad, but true.
Now on to something completely different.

The Beaver Creek All Stars were out in full force dipnetting for red salmon on July 31st, the final day of the 2019 season. Here’s Mack and Carol doing what they do best: recreating on the Kenai. 
It’s a deep bench for Team Beaver Creek.  I was invited to go dipnetting with these perennial All-Stars. From left to right is El Capitan, Greg, fish wrangler MJ, and the deck foreman, Ron. It was a well oiled machine and in a couple of hours we had all the fish we needed.
Thanks guys, for helping Jane and I put away a few fish for the winter...
With the king season in the rearview, August 2nd was my first day fishing for silver salmon. Team Sedlacek returned after a six year absence and it was good to see them all. Here's Jake with the first silver of the year. 
Silvers were a bit scarce on this day, so we changed things up and decided to get on the bank and target red salmon. Here's Summer, the fish whisperer with a jumbo red salmon. That's her dad, Lowell in the background with her brother Jake, and sister in law Phoenix.

The next day, I fished with Jake and his family. The silver action was a little bit better. Here's Ty with the first one of the day.

His sister, McKenzie, followed up with a nice one as well.

Heidi caught the next one. About fifteen minutes later she caught a second one. She officially is the first, of what I hope is many, people who limit out on silver salmon this year.

I've got a full week ahead of silver trips and I hope each tide brings in more fish. If the silvers prove elusive, we may switch things up a bit and go after reds. Come back next week to see how it all shakes out. See you then!

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