Sunday, August 25, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/25/19

"Hey Keith, why do you have two nets in the boat?"

"You never know when you'll get two silvers on at the same time."

This week it happened. It happened twice.
I'm glad to report that the morning temperatures have been normal this past week. It hit 38 degrees a couple of times. Dressing appropriately for the predawn chill is essential. Renee and I are modeling the proper clothing for a silver salmon fishing trip on the Kenai. The cool temperatures are a welcome respite from all the heat we’ve been having.
On to the fishing report.

It was a great start to the week. Visiting and fishing with longtime friends, Todd and Renee, was good for the soul. The icing on the cake was having new friends, Cheryl and Mush, in the boat. They fished with me last year during some very poor king salmon conditions and I told them they ought to come back to fish the fun fish....silvers. Glad they did. 
What’s better than doing this one day with these guys? It’s doing it for two days. You’d be proud, George, that I didn’t repeat a single story. That feat is nearly as impressive as the fish we caught over the two days.
The next day we had the first double silver salmon catch of the year. That's Cliff and Jason.  
We didn't get all of our fish, but sure had our chances. Thanks Jared, Jeremy, Jason, and Cliff for a great day on the water. Your enthusiasm for this fishery tells me you’ll all be back. 
It was hard to believe that it's been six years since Billie and Gwen last fished with me. Instead of family, they brought their friends, Lee and Sandra along to enjoy all things Alaska. The ladies had their limit early in the day (naturally) and we were struggling to find the last two fish for the guys. We missed a few, but on our end of the day Hail Mary troll we had our second double silver salmon hook up of the week. In my world, it was as eventful as a walk off home run in baseball. Wow. That’s how you want to end a week of fishing.  

See you next week for an update on the silver salmon action.

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