Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/1/19

In the beginning of the week, we were catching boat limits of silver salmon. By the end of the week, we were catching a single fish a day. We are definitely between the runs.
If you read the fishing report last week, you'll recognize these folks. From left to right are Gwen, Billie, Sandra, and Lee. Like the previous trip, the ladies were the first to catch their limit.
On Wednesday, I fished these guys for a third time. We managed to boat five silver salmon (we lost 9). I was hoping that this was an off day, but it marked the beginning of a tapering run.
On Thursday, I fished my neighbor Nancy and her friend Lynn. Lynn caught the first two, and unfortunately, Nancy did not catch a fish. Oh well, I feel better knowing I have three weeks to get Nancy out again so she can even the score.
On Friday, Greg and Leslie spent the day with me. Leslie caught the only silver salmon. It sure was a nice one. By the way, that's not fog in the background. That's smoke from the Swan Lake fire. I do appreciate the people who have checked in on our well being. Other than occasional smoke, we are doing just fine and are not in harms way.
Saturday afternoon I fished with the Larson's and Johnson's. The only fish caught was by Laura. It may look like her husband Eric wasn't happy with the catch, but that's just how he smiles... 
I finished the week fishing Team White (Rod, Nick, Jeff, Craig). Rod caught the only fish of the day. We're going to do it all over again on Wednesday, and my goal is to have a photo of the entire team holding fish.

For the week ahead, I'm hoping that the second run finds its way into the river. My week is full and I'd like the fish box to be that way too....

See you next week.

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