Sunday, September 8, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/8/19

I fished everyday this past week and there were no easy days. Back that up. That opening line doesn't quite sound right, so let me clarify. The people were easy to be with this past week, it was the catching that wasn't easy.

Pictured above is Nick, junior member of Team White. His fish came early in the morning on Tuesday, so the optimism was high.

Not long after Nick caught his fish, Craig caught this one (Rod is on his right).  We worked hard the rest of the day and managed to put two more fish (4 total) in the box. Unfortunately, none of the fish came on Jeff's line, so that is the reason why he is not pictured in this report. I'm sure the brothers are okay with Jeff not holding a fish, but I was hoping for a dock photo with a dozen salmon at their feet. Next time, boys, next time....

I thought the second run was starting to pick up after the day I had with Kevin, Ron, Leslie and Greg. Sadly, it turned out to be the the high catch of the week. 

On Friday, I got reacquainted with Susan, Walter, and Jessica. Not a lot of action, but it was great to spend a day on the water with these guys.
Saturday, we received some much needed rain. That's a usually a recipe for classic silver salmon fishing on the Kenai. Not this day. Eric ended up with the money fish and collected his bet from his buddy Craig for the first fish caught, the biggest fish caught, and the most fish caught.

On Sunday, I fished Eric, Craig, Randy, and my old buddy Gary (we've been fishing together on the Kenai for 20 years). Gary started the morning with this nice fish.

It was a long time in between bites before Craig finally got on board with this one.

Eric caught one, and a little bit later landed this beauty. He once again was able to collect on his bet with Craig for catching the first fish, the biggest fish, and the most fish.  Sorry Randy (who is not in any photos), you spent a long day in the boat only to get one legitimate bite. We'll get 'em next time.

The way this week fished gives me pause to think about the week ahead. If you trust the biologist, we should becoming up on the peak of the second run of silver salmon. I'm an optimist, but I'm not sure what to expect. At least one thing will be certain, you know we'll be giving it a 100%.

Come back next week to check out the fish photos. I'll see you then.

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Finally got my boat back!!! Heading for LSO in 12 days.