Sunday, August 18, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/18/19

Silver salmon was the focus this week, and the fishing was very good.
On Tuesday, I fished the Marlatt family once again. Here's Alyssa with her first silver salmon ever. It took a little coaxing to get her to hold it, but she came through like a champ (notice her hands...).
Sister Megan continued her fishy ways from the week before and caught this one. She also caught another one to complete her silver salmon limit.
Dad Mike, ended the day with the biggest fish. Please don't ask me why there's a beer coozy in it's mouth...
On Wednesday, Angeline and Tavish got their limit of nice silver salmon. Way to go Team Wisconsin.
On Thursday, I fished with my college roommate, Buddy, his son, and their friends.
Here's his son Tucker.
We caught our limit of silvers (and let a couple go). From left to right are Tucker, Buddy, Derek, and Byron.
On Friday I fished with Cy, Matt, Craig, and Ardiss. We didn't quite get our boat limit but we had our chances to do so. Can you tell what state everyone is from? 
Saturday, I had Derek, Tucker, Byron, and Buddy out on the river once again. The only thing different from our trip on Thursday is we caught a couple of extra fish: a pink, and two red salmon. The competition was hot for these guys, and as judge/guide, I would have to declare a draw when it comes to Team USA vs. Team Canada...

I finished the week on Sunday with a solid effort from Team Minnesota and Team South Carolina. That's Mike and Mary in the front (Team Minnesota), and Robert Allen and Robert in the back (Team South Carolina).

My only prediction for the week ahead is more of the same. I've got great people coming in, and I expect the silver fishing to continue to be great as well.

See you next Sunday.

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